Rotary Supports Baby Bank



In October 2020, Cranleigh Baby Bank was set up by volunteers to support families in and around Cranleigh. The challenge then, as it is now, was how the service could reach those that need its support most. It has certainly proved its worth already, supporting many families.

The main aim of the Baby Bank is to provide anything baby-related, including nappies and larger items of equipment such as Moses baskets, cots, prams and pushchairs.

The Baby Bank is hosted by Cranleigh Methodist Church. For some time now the Baby Bank has not been able to open because of lockdown restrictions but the volunteers have continued to help families by delivering needed items to them.
Thanks to generous donations of clothes and equipment by members of the local community, the Baby Bank has been able to offer clothes for those up to five years of age and it has now started adding some items for older children.
baby bank shelves
A challenge the Baby Bank had to face was how to find more space to store donated clothes and equipment. (See photo of crowded shelves opposite.)     
Cranleigh Rotary Club provided assistance with a fundraising campaign to raise £500 for the purchase of a large, secure, building in which to store the items donated. When the collection ended on 31 May, the sum of £580 had been raised. 
In addition to providing clothes and baby-related equipment, the Baby Bank offers a welcoming environment for families to meet together, have a chat and a cup of tea or coffee.

To find out more about the Baby Bank, contact Hilary Strawson - email: strawsonhilary at gmaiLcom or telephone: 07745 350469.