Cranleigh Rotary Shows The Way: May 2006 / Oct 2010


In recent years, the Rotary Club of Cranleigh has been involved in several initiatives to help local people and visitors to find their way around the village.

In November 2010, two maps showing the location of Cranleigh's shops and businesses were unveiled on the exterior of the Village Hall and National Westminster Bank. This joint venture between Cranleigh Rotary Club and Cranleigh Chamber of Trade was made possible through the efforts of Jane O'Leary, a Rotary Vice-President and committee member of the Chamber of Trade. Funding for the set-up and artwork was provided by local magazine publisher, Midas Publications, with small contributions from lCranleigh Rotary Shows The Wayocal businesses.

As one of their activities to mark the Rotary International centenary, the Rotarians of Cranleigh installed a large, full colour street map of Cranleigh outside the National Westminster Bank in May 2006. A second, almost identical map, was also presented to the Parish Council for future installation at the eastern end of the village. 

“We hope that first-time visitors to the shopping centre, will find these maps useful,” said 2006 Club President, Brian Arendell. “Even local residents may discover streets that they never knew existed.”Cranleigh Rotary Shows The Way

For many years, Cranleigh Rotary has also provided a popular notice board which is located outside the Post Office. The board was repaired and refurbished after it was damaged in 2006.