Rotary Barbecue 2013

Each June the Rotary Club of Cranleigh participates in the Village Fair on The Common by providing a Burger Bar.

This has traditionally involved beefburgers and hot dogs, with onions, ketchup and cold drinks. However, since 2009, the Club has branched out by providing additional delicacies in the form of cheese slices and fried bacon. The extended menu, plus the switch to best quality sausages, burgers etc. provided by R. Rawlings, a local butcher's shop, has been extremely popular, with all stocks of food typically being sold out by the end of the day. 

The Burger Bar is one of the Cranleigh Club's main fundraising events. As the Sun shone and the aroma of the BBQ drifted on the breeze, more than £1,350 was raised for the Club’s charity fund by this year's stall, a considerable increase on the previous year's profit.

Barbecue 2012