Rotary At The Cranleigh Fair

As at the recent Coronation Celebration in Cranleigh, Rotary continued to follow King Charles’ national encouragement to enhance participation in volunteering bodies.

A range of posters was again displayed in order to highlight some key local, and very valuable, community organisations that continue to need more volunteer support.
The posters related to;
    Rowleys Community Centre;
    Cranleigh Village Care;
    Riding for the Disabled (RDA);
    Cranleigh Food Bank;
    Cranleigh Arts Centre (which hosts many charity-related events);
    ‘Memory Lane’ Volunteers (supporting Dementia patients); and
    Cranleigh Baptist Church.

The wonderful, very well-attended, ‘fun day’ on the Common provided an excellent opportunity to reflect the importance of these volunteering bodies. 
David Barry at Lions Fair 2023
Photo: Cranleigh Rotary's President David Barry at the Rotary exhibit, with his canine helper.