President`s News April 2020

Kenyon Pres handover 2019

Not everything has ground to a halt on the Rotary front and in the absence of our regular meetings I thought members and others in the local community may be interested to receive news of various matters.

Jigsaw Trust 
At the last Business Meeting at the beginning of March we agreed to make a donation of £5,000 to Jigsaw Trust to enable them to complete the purchase of a minibus. This has now taken place and we received a very appreciative note of thanks.

Nankhono School Project
Last year we contributed towards a District Direct Grant to help build a school in Nankhono, Malawi, in conjunction with Titsey Rotary and other clubs. We have now been informed that the project has been completed with the school being built in half the
virus scrubs
time planned using entirely local labour – a very successful outcome!
‘Scrubs’ for the Royal Surrey Hospital and Local Care Homes
On Saturday, John received a request from a group of local ladies associated with The Arts Society in Cranleigh for financial help to purchase materials to machine stitch at home the washable and re-usable comfortable garments worn next to the skin.
With the wonders of modern technology, Club Council considered and approved the requested donation of £200 to enable the ladies to proceed without delay. We received a thank you message from Pat Butler. Rotarian Jill Leslie has since joined the group of busy sewers.

Tim Quallington and Chris Muscio
The news about Tim Quallington passing away was obviously very sad, but you will be pleased to hear that Chris Muscio, Michael Frost’s son-in-law, has now returned home from Intensive Care and he is recovering from the Covid 19 virus infection. 

Cranleigh Rotary will continue to contribute to our community to the best of our ability in difficult circumstances. In the meantime, keep in touch and keep well.