Rotary Club Sends Water Aid to Pakistan

Following one of the worst humanitarian disasters of modern times, the Rotary Club of Cranleigh is making every effort to assist the flood victims in Pakistan by enabling them to obtain clean water.
During a recent street collection in the village, the Club was given £1060 by the local community. Additional donations from individuals brought the overall amount to £2500, which has been used to purchase 10 Aquafilter Community Units that enable the production of clean water for large numbers of people. Each of these units consists of a hand pump with filters that are self cleaning and is capable of producing 300 litres per hour of drinking water. The Club has also sent £900 from its own charity fund to WorldWaterWorks Ltd for six Rotary Water Survival Boxes.
“Once again, the people of Cranleigh have shown tremendous compassion and generosity, “ said John Greenwood, President of Cranleigh Rotary Club. “Their donations will provide vital aid for the flood victims of Pakistan, helping them to obtain clean water and combat disease.”