Rotary Club Takes Over Local Shop

Rotary Club Takes Over Local ShopCranleigh shoppers noticed an unusual addition to the village shops from 22 to 27 February 2010. As part of Rotary’s initiative to eradicate polio from the world, the Rotary Club of Cranleigh occupied the former premises of Cranleigh Tiles. The shop window displayed posters and shocking statistics about the devastating effects of this crippling disease, and Rotarians were on hand to explain the importance of this global campaign.

The Cranleigh Club was aiming to forge links with local residents and encourage them to help raise funds towards the world-wide initiative to stamp out this highly debilitating, and often terminal, disease.

Rotary Club Takes Over Local ShopMembers of the Cranleigh Club joined forces with over 55,000 other Rotarians in a co-ordinated 'Thanks for Life' effort to finally win the battle against polio. Rotary Clubs across Great Britain and Ireland were aiming to generate over £1 million on one day.

Villagers were also able to learn about Rotary's efforts to help with the earthquake emergency in Haiti by viewing a Rotary Shelter Box, which contains a tent, water purification tablets and equipment to accommodate 10 people.